Andrei Stan was born in Romania on the 2nd of march 1988. He has always had an ear for music, sound literally excited him. Although he had  started taking piano lessons while he was young, it wasn't until he really felt the clubbing atmosphere that he discovered in the music, the energy and the expression within it. Soon he started playing at private parties, then, while experimenting with house music as a DJ, he realised that he wanted to entertain and share his love for music with others.

Being only 18 and having played already in some of the best clubs in Romania, he soon moved to Belgium where he continued his dream of becoming a DJ.

He combines glamour, elegance and sophistication on the decks with his house-progressive-tribal sound - YOU CAN NOT FAIL TO BE SEDUCED BY HIS SOUNDS !

Andrei Stan
 is known as a talented, committed, music-loving DJ. His sets are characterized by his immense personality shining through, stunning all the way and moving on stage. He's the people's DJ and he delivers a shining grinding groove, for long loud nights on packed dance-floors.
It's all about fantastic, happy clubs, screaming, chanting clubbers and never wanting to go home. It's a soundtrack to the coolest party of your life and everyone's invited.

IN SHORT, it rocks and above all it's in Andrei Stan's style!

Resident in Brussels in one of the biggest circuit party in Europe, La Demence (a long story which has been around for over 23years, hitting the capital of Europe once a month and gathering 2000+ fantastic people to party), in LE YOU (the best weekly club in Brussels) Gaga Party in Gent (Adonis Club), The Gym (Gent), Splash (a party that grew up with Andrei from the beginning, that is now rocking Rome every time) , Greenkomm (probably the best after-hours in Europe, in Cologne) and Barcode (London)

Guest DJ in Belgium for clubs and parties like: Pulse Factory, La Rocca, Louise Gallery, Le You, B-Club, Mezzo Giorno, D-Club, The Gym, Sugarland Circuit Weekend and many others !
He played together with international artist like: Boy George , Oliver M, David Penn, Danny Verde, Pagano, Ben Manson, Dikky Vendetta, Mister Mola, Steven Redant, Micky Friedmann, Enrico Arghentini, and many, many more.

Music style is house-progressive-tribal. Can be more or less vocal, depending on the event/club.

International GIGS:


Greenkomm , Rudeboy, Naughtycontrol, Sexy (Cologne) ; NY (Munich) ; Salvation , Revolver (Berlin) ;


T-Light (Toulouse) ; Energy Bears (Paris) ; Stretch (Lille) ;


Splash, Gay Village (Rome) ; Overjoy (Milan)


Cocon Club (Krakov)


Stuk X (Eindhoven)


Hustlaball, Beyond, A:M, Barcode, Revolver, Salvation, Matinee, Rupert Street, Area, Fire (London)


                Nation (Leon),  Gaydate , Living (Mexico DF), Circus (Guadalajara) , Con la rojas (Morelia)

Plus many other gigs in Spain, Swiss, Romania, Austria and Hungary.